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Kan Turbes Private Limited is started with a scope based on Maintenance needs, Maintenance plans and Equipment Sale, Rental and Service. Periodically, every industry needs to have preventive maintenance, renovations, or upgrades to ensure safe operations, stay competitive, and meet government regulations. Often, these periodic activities require the industries to shutdown all or part of their industrial production to conduct planned maintenance on process equipment for which normal routine operations have to be suspended / stopped. This can be either predictive or breakdown maintenance. More particularly in the Oil and Gas industries, during the Pre-shutdown period, to do list is prepared, material is procured, human resources is planned & lined up, time & motion studies are done to calculate time required to do & accomplish a unit work. During Shutdown period materials are drawn, workers are on the job, doing repair or maintenance or both or equipment is replaced or serviced in a systematic manner.

Gas Turbines

Supply of OEM Spares
Sub-Assembly Rebuilds and Overhauls
Specialized Manpower Services
Centrax Gas Turbines: Sale and service of KB5
Siemens Turbines
Solar Turbines

Turbo Generators

Turbo-Generators 10 – 65MVA
High Voltage STEP-UP Transformers and TAPCHANGERS
Switch Gears
Support:Repairs on site , Specialist Manpower, Spare Parts, Installations and Commissioning Services, Overhauls and Upgrades, Inspections and Maintenance

Gas Engines

Supply of OEM Spares, Sub-Assembly Rebuilds and Overhauls Specialized Manpower Services. Inspections and Overhauls. Waukesha ,CAT , Superior and Ajax Gas Swing Engines Supply of Fairbanks Morse Engines

Receiprocating Compressors

Ariel, Ajax and Superior Reciprocating Compressor Packages. Inspections and Overhauls . Spares We carry out gas compression equipment routine maintenance, fault inspections and repair services.

Marine Hoses

Single Carcass Self-Floating Hoses. Double Carcass Anti-Pollution Floating Hoses. Single and Double Carcass SUBMARINE Hoses. DEEPFLO API17K Mid-Water Export Hoses. Drilling Hoses, Mud Hoses, Choke and Kill Hoses. Hose Installation Services

Filtering Systems

Offshore Exploration & Production – Compressor suction filters, Turbine ultrafine coalescers. Gas Processing & Transmission – Fuel gas filtration, Lube Oil filtration, Activated carbon and Solid filtration etc. Power Generation – Hydraulic and Lubricant filter, Water Treatment filter, Air Intake filter and Gas stream filter.

Policy Statement

To achieve this we will ensure:

--> Kanturbs promotes Quality, Health, Safety and Environmental consciousness
--> Management and individual responsibilities are clearly defined for all aspects of work
--> Staff and contractors are suitable for their task
--> Equipment is suitable for its use
--> The place of work is adequate and safe
--> We execute in a safe and efficient and effective manner.
--> Response to emergencies and disruptions is swift and adequate
--> The management system is regularly tested, reviewed and continuously improved

To be known as a leader in providing "creative" cost effective energy "solutions" to our customers.


We work in strategic alliance with world class companies to offer the very best in energy services







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