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Minerals and Minings

Kan Turbs manufactures a complete line of gas turbines for all major Mining applications applications. Specially-modified aeroderivative gas turbines are a big win for the coal industry and for the environment. Mining coal is a dangerous, dirty job, with the methane gas byproduct usually vented to the atmosphere and contributing to global warming. But with Kanturbs modified aeroderivative gas turbines, mining operators can capture hazardous coal mine gas and use it to generate more than enough heat and power for safer, more efficient and environmentally-friendlier mining operations.

And excess heat and power can then be routed to a district heating system and public utility grid to earn additional revenue. From pit to port, with our electrification technology, project life cycle services and digital capabilities you can achieve higher throughput and recovery with lower maintenance and energy costs.

These gas turbines are fuel-flexible, and can operate on natural gas, liquefied natural gas (LNG), distillate and treated residual oil in a variety of applications including: - mechanical drive for large compressor trains - simple cycle and combined cycle - base load and peaking power generation - industrial and cogeneration


Typical applications include:
-  Process air centrifugal compressor drive in ammonia synthesis plants
-  High power centrifugal or axial compressor drive in Gas to Liquids plants
-  Production of compressed air from the turbine axial compressor section and compressor drive in air fractionating processes.

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