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Main Objectives

Operations and Maintenance of all Auxiliary plants

1. Provide a complete range of Engineering, Procurement and Construction solutions to the Oil and Gas, Petrochemicals, Water and Waste management and Fertilizer plants in its Up-gradation, Production enhancement including of its Design, Development and Execution.

2. Provide world class technical services in the areas of Operations and Maintenance of all Auxiliary plants at very low cost by setting the potential for cost savings complying with both local and international operating standards and specifications with no compromise.

3. Analyze the needs based on Asset Reliability; Identify equipment, parameters and tolerance ranges and set up the Real Potential of Predictive Maintenance/CBM;

4. Identify potential failures before they happen; reduce maintenance routines; predict and avoid repetitive failures through RMD Remote monitoring and diagnostics (RMD) Development and Implementation of Predictive Optimized Maintenance Plan.

5. Develop and Implement CBM Tools by tracing the process; supporting the integration of new tools and working methodologies and implement Predictive KPIs control.

6. Minimize delays in order to stay on schedule as well as ensure a smooth transition to normal production and to recover productivity as quickly as possible by ensuring that the correct materials and resources are available during the shutdown.

7. Supply of all High end maintenance equipments like Laser Alignment tools, Boroscope, etc manufactured by world’s renowned manufacturers on demand with no delay either by Sale or on Rental.

8. Provide technical assistance in the Trouble Shooting and maintenance of Turbo Machinery Equipments like Gas Turbines, Gas Compressors and other Gas handling rotating equipments of Turbo Machinery Equipments

Other objectives

1. To ensure a safe and on-time startup as well as a quick return to full production.

2. Analyze the equipment conditions and identify the equipment that needs proactive maintenance.

3. Minimize the risk; ensure the safety and reliability of the process until the next planned shutdown.

4. Enhance operational efficiency; do reengineering of processes for more production & profitability..

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